Wednesday, January 24, 2018

It's Tax Time Again - 4 Tips for Making Tax Time Easy

1)  Plan Ahead

Start now and mark your calendar for the date
that your income tax return must be filed -  marking the date that you plan to file. 

2)  Get Organized

Begin gathering all of your important tax 
related documents pertaining to your income tax filing so that you have everything in one 
place and ready for your tax filing deadline: W2's -1099's - last year's tax return - and all pertinent documents and receipts.  If you are the owner of a business, gather also all business related documents needed to file and copies of your financial statements, along with your previous year's tax return as well.  

3)  Make an appointment with your Accountant

It is always best to utilize a professional to help you with the filing of your income tax return. While there are many do-it-yourself tax software opportunities out there, it is best to use a tax professional, who has the experience to help you with the best outcome for your personal and business tax return filing. Call your accountant today for an appointment and relax.  

4)  Prepare Now for the Current Tax Year 

Begin also setting up and organizing your home office with a system to keep track of the current year tax related documents and receipts. Put into place a filing system that keeps track of important documents and receipts, including anything that will change in the new year, such as marriage, a new baby in the family, or a new business startup. Consult with your accountant on what may be needed in the upcoming year as well.  This will help you stay organized all through the year and will make your life much easier when it comes to filing your income tax return again.  

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